Liminal Jewelry Collection by Ginger Meek Allen


 “Because she made space, new growth was possible.”

Visit Heartwood to see the Liminal Collection of jewelry by North Carolina artist Ginger Meek Allen.

“The Collection: The sometimes murky space after the end of one season and the beginning of another is the liminal space. It’s often vague but filled with promise. These forms were inspired by liminal experience, and the open spaces are more powerful than the lines and forms around them.

Product info: These earrings flow from the front to the back of the ear, with a minimal presence that holds itself in place because of the tension created by the form.”

Scarves, Hats, & More by Solmate Socks

Do you think we can summon the cooler weather if we go ahead & pull out the hats & scarves? We’ve got some irresistibly soft & sturdy knit threads from Solmate Socks to keep you warm! These colorful scarves, hats, & fingerless gloves are made in Hickory, NC, of cotton remnants from t-shirt factories that would normally go to the landfills.

Holly Yashi Jewelry

Bring in some shimmer this fall with faceted crystal jewelry by Holly Yashi. These pieces are handcrafted out of Arcata, California, & we have some extra earring sets in other colors to match!

Oberon Design

Keep on writing your story & making your mark with these refillable leather Moleskine journal covers by Oberon Design. We now have two different sizes in a number of different colors & designs.