Lori Loftus - Saluda, NC

Lori Loftus is a multi-media artist who uses flora and fauna, shells and other natural objects to create unique pieces of art.

Nature printing is a technique that uses inks or pigments to transfer images of nature to paper, cloth or other surfaces.   Eco-dyeing silk scarves is the newest form of nature printing that she is exploring.  This process showcases the limitless variety of artistry in nature.

Lori joined the Nature Printing Society in 2006 and has been an active member serving as Secretary since 2011.  She organized the 2012 and 2016 NPS workshops at Wildacres Retreat in North Carolina and has taught many different classes for the annual workshops and at local art centers.  Classes taught include; Gyotaku Direct and Indirect (fish printing), Foilography, Monotype Etching Press, Gel Plate, Algae collecting and printing, Foot Press and Bottle Jack Press.